Floyd Mayweather hangs ‘timeless artwork’ featuring Conor McGregor in new home

Floyd Mayweather is commemorating his final fight with a giant mural in his home

Floyd Mayweather didn’t waste much time spending part of the massive payday he received for fighting Conor McGregor in August after dropping $26 million for a brand new home in Beverly Hills, Calif.

Now to commemorate the fight that likely helped him buy that house, Mayweather revealed some new artwork that will hang inside the home.

The giant murals feature Mayweather on one side and McGregor on the other as the recently retired boxer revealed in a post on Twitter this week.

Mayweather and McGregor shared more than a few harsh words over the weeks leading up to their fight, but both competitors were likely happy with the financial outcome.

While final pay-per-view numbers are still rolling in, Mayweather will reportedly pocket north of $250 million for his part in the fight while McGregor is expected to make around $100 million.


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