UFC strippers Curtis Blaydes Paige VanZant Rachael Ostovich (© Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports & Instagram)
Curtis Blaydes Paige VanZant Rachael Ostovich (© Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports & Instagram)

Curtis Blaydes SLAMS his UFC colleagues – compares them to strippers

✔ "Razor" Blaydes criticises Paige VanZant and Rachael Ostovich

Curtis Blaydes has worked hard to attain his position in the top of UFC’s heavyweight division, but he does not feel that some of his UFC colleagues have gone the same long route as himself.

In a recent interview, “Razor” Blaydes went hard against women in MMA that use their sex appeal to get ahead, singling out Paige VanZant, Rachael Ostovich and former UFC fighter Pearl Gonzales:

“So you telling me Paige Vanzant and Rachel Osto-whatever actually deserve time remain on the UFC’s roster for their ‘athletic achievements’ and their not just on cards for their sex appeal,” Curtis Blaydes asked.

“Cause if I’m wrong about that then I guess the whole premise of my original statement is wrong and I apologize but if you’re a legit fan of MMA you couldn’t possibly believe the two females I mentioned are on the roster for anything other than the fact the look good in bikinis.”

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Blaydes compares some UFC fighters with strippers

Blaydes later shared his thoughts on former UFC fighter Pearl Gonzalez and said that “too many females” were using their looks instead of skills.

“Yeah, I know of Pearl. She’s another one who’s not a very good fighter but stays relevant because she’s constantly posting bikini training pics,” Blaydes commented.

“Her skills are exactly what they were 5 years ago a brawler with terrible footwork and decent grappling. Too many females in the athletic industry are getting by on being sexy not actually being good at their craft.”

Afterwards, 29-year-old Blaydes took to Facebook to further explain his comments about some of his fellow UFC colleagues and compared them to strippers:

“I’m not against female athletes getting publicity and media push and love from fans when it’s deserved and earned thru legitimate hard work and grinding,” he explained.

“My issue is why do so many female athletes complain and gripe about being overly sexualized by fans and media, but then at the same time many of them are profiting off said sexualization thru media endorsements, high profile placement on fight cards, and overall popularity which lead to many other financial opportunities?

“I don’t hate hustling either. If that’s how a female wants to pay her bills, through her body, which is what many strippers do. I have no problem with either hustle, but you can’t live life that way and expect to garner the same type of respect and love that real grinders get,” Blaydes continued.

Blaydes is currently on a three fight win-streak and most recently defeated former champion Junior dos Santos by TKO in the second round. He is ranked #3, behind #1 Daniel Cormier and #2 Francis Ngannou, the latter being the only fighter to defeat him.


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