Crazed fan attacked Mike Tyson after boxing event

It would take a great deal of courage in order to step into the ring with Mike Tyson, though one over-zealous fan took it a step further and attacked the boxing great this weekend.

It was after the Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr boxing bout, which ended in a draw, that the altercation took place. According to TMZ Tyson left the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California following the fight, in order to greet some fans. One fan approached Tyson, asking why the famed boxer wouldn’t accept a fight with him. Per TMZ’s sources Tyson joked that the fan wouldn’t last long, prompting the latter to swing at the former world heavyweight champ. The fan allegedly also reached into his waistband, as if to grab a weapon, though Tyson’s personal security got in the way. The crazed fan then took off before police arrived.

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According to the reports Tyson’s team recognised the fan, who had supposedly been aggressive at a previous fan signing. Nobody was hurt in the altercation, though chances are that the fan would have ended up in substantially worse shape than Tyson should anything have become violent.

Do you think we will ever hear from the fan who attacked Mike Tyson again?

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