The Strategy Behind UFC’s Delay in Conor McGregor’s Return

Strategic Delay in McGregor's Anticipated Return

In the ever-evolving world of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), the comeback of Conor McGregor, a figure synonymous with both controversy and charisma, has been a topic of widespread speculation and intrigue. Josh Thomson, a seasoned UFC veteran, presents a compelling theory regarding the prolonged hiatus of McGregor’s highly anticipated return to the octagon.

Thomson suggests that the UFC’s hesitance to schedule McGregor’s next fight is strategic, aimed at avoiding a scenario similar to Nate Diaz‘s departure following UFC 279. This strategic delay, according to Thomson, is tied to McGregor’s current contract situation, with the UFC purportedly reluctant to let McGregor complete his contract with a single fight remaining.

McGregor, hailed as the sport’s most luminous star, has faced a tumultuous phase post his boxing stint against Floyd Mayweather, with a record of 1-3 in recent UFC bouts. Despite this, his marketability remains unmatched. At 35, the end of his illustrious career looms, yet the anticipation for his return never wanes. Thomson’s insights shed light on the complexities behind the scenes, suggesting that while UFC President Dana White publicly expresses readiness for McGregor’s return, underlying contractual dynamics play a significant role in the delay.


Quotes Section:

“I think people assume Conor will come back and face Michael Chandler,” said Thomson on the WEIGHING IN podcast. “I don’t think we’ll see Conor this year.”

“Dana came out the other day and said, ‘Listen, when Conor is ready, we will see him fight’,” Thomson remarked. “I think that’s bullshit. What’s happening right now is that the UFC is waiting on his contract. He has one fight left (on the contract), they don’t want – UFC never wants their fighter to leave with one fight left on the contract.”

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