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Conor McGregor SLAMS China for handling of pandemic: “Horrendous”

"Ludicrously inhumane behavior..."

UFC superstar and former champion Conor McGregor took aim at China for the way that the country has handled the ongoing pandemic. 

The world is struggling under the Covid-19 pandemic. The death toll continues to rise and the effects are being felt around the globe. Some people in influential positions are doing their best to urge people towards social distancing and strict hygiene. Say what you will about his controversies, but Conor McGregor has done his best to steer Ireland towards health – and recently sniped at China in the process.

RTE News reported that certain personal protective equipment imported from China wasn’t up to standard. This garnered a stern response from McGregor, citing “inhumane behaviour”.

“Truly horrendous,” McGregor wrote. “Not only are the prices being raised by these people on all our items. Masks, visors, gloves, ventilators, respirators, oxygen containers, screen monitors, you name it. All jacked in price. The batches coming in are now of no use! Ludicrously inhumane behavior.”


McGregor then went on to demand that the Irish government withdraw their gratitude for the medical equipment received from China.

“Take back this thank you and offer of assistance, this instant! It is barbaric what has been done here. All the way throughout this pandemic. Barbaric!”

McGregor has appealed to the Irish people during this outbreak, urging restraint, social distancing and control during these uncertain times. He has also offered condolences and prayers to the Italian people, who have been struck hard by the Covid-19 virus. This diplomatic approach to world affairs, however, has not stopped him from taking jabs at his arch rival Khabib Nurmagomedov.

So while we are seeing a more controlled and political McGregor recently, the original. brash Irish superstar is still alive and well.

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