Conor McGregor hits official trying to get him off the cage at Bellator 187 (VIDEO)

Conor McGregor took a swipe a second official at an event in Ireland on Friday

Conor McGregor became the center of attention at Bellator 187 on Friday thanks to a pair of altercations with officials following a fight featuring his teammate Charlie Ward.

Just seconds after Ward earned a knockout victory, McGregor leapt over the cage and started to celebrate with his teammate as referee Marc Goddard intervened and tried to eject him. McGregor was not a licensed corner man and was not allowed in the cage at that point in time.

McGregor then went after Goddard, shoving and pointing his finger at the referee until he was finally removed from the cage.

From there, McGregor continued his celebration before jumping back on top of the cage yet again, which then prompted another official to try and push him down off the fence. As McGregor started to slip, he swung and hit the official inside the cage before jumping down from the fenced area.

The Association of Boxing Commissions are overseeing the event in Ireland on Friday and it’s entirely possible that McGregor could face some sort of punishment for his action.

UFC officials have not commented yet on McGregor’s behavior at the Bellator event in Ireland.

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