McGregor’s Pub Records Over $2 Million in Losses

Conor McGregor's The Black Forge Inn has reported substantial financial losses totaling over $2 million since its 2021 opening.

Conor McGregor, renowned for his UFC achievements, ventured into the hospitality industry with The Black Forge Inn in Dublin. However, the pub has faced financial challenges, as revealed in recent financial disclosures. Managed by Jemi Ventures, The Black Forge Inn recorded losses of €432,000 (around $600,000) last year. Its opening year in 2021 was particularly challenging due to the pandemic, posting losses of approximately €1.13 million ($1.8 million).

Despite these setbacks, Jemi Ventures valued the pub and its assets at €4.4 million ($6.1 million) at the end of 2022. Additionally, the loan owed by the business decreased from €5.3 million to €4.1 million.

McGregor’s business ventures extend beyond the pub. He owns the Porterhouse Brewery, which produces his Forged Irish Stout, and has successfully launched and sold the Proper No. 12 whiskey brand, contributing to his substantial wealth.

While The Black Forge Inn faces financial challenges, McGregor’s diverse business portfolio and impending UFC return suggest continued financial success.

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