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Tyron Woodley threatens to pull out of UFC London – After getting his rap career dissed

Leon Edwards may have taken the trash talk too far when he slammed Tyron Woodley's rap career - as the former champ's threats make clear

Tyron Woodley does not take kindly to people insulting his rap career.

The UFC is targeting a bout between the former welterweight champ Woodley, and streaking British prospect Leon Edwards. While the fight is not yet official, both have agreed to the bout though not all contracts may be signed. The bout is planned to take the main event slot at UFC London on March 21st, but that may now be in jeopardy.

Edwards, who is not at all known for talking trash, recently stepped his game up, slamming Woodley’s rap skills. In a post on Instagram, Edwards mocked Woodley for his rapping, sarcastically remarking that the former champ always has his rap career to fall back on.


This seems to have struck a nerve with the former champion, who responded swiftly, threatening to not sign the contract to fight at UFC London.

“Shut your bitch ass up before I don’t sign to fight you bum ass,” Woodley threatened. “Nobody knows you, nobody cares, you a bitch and ate a three-piece and that’s your biggest claim to fame! Quit clout chasing and trying to add to your 50k followers. You’re embarrassing! Stop trying to talk shit you’re garbage at it just like your bum ass career. I’ve made more money in music than you’ve made in your entire career. Laugh at that you lil bitch!”

Woodley and Edwards have had very different past years. Woodley has only had one bout in 2019, in which he lost his welterweight title in a one-sided match against Kamaru Usman. On top of that, Woodley actually comes into the bout with Edwards as the betting underdog, despite his impressive credentials. Meanwhile, Edwards extended his win streak this past year, defeating both Gunnar Nelson and Rafael dos Anjos.

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