Anderson Silva Agrees to Jake Paul’s Bet – Regarding Fighter Pay!

✔ Paul and Silva agree to kickboxing match - if Silva wins!

YouTuber Jake Paul, known for betting on his boxing matches, has made another bet ahead of his upcoming bout against former UFC champion Anderson Silva. The fight itself is unusual, as are the terms of the bet wagered between the two. 25-year-old Paul, a social media star turned boxer, is 5-0 with four knockouts. 47-year-old Silva, is a former UFC middleweight champion that is 2-0 as a boxer since parting ways with the UFC in November 2020.

Paul revealed his latest bet at a pre-fight news conference at Gila River Arena.

“If I win, me and you come together to create a united fighters’ association to help UFC fighters get better pay and better health care. You become the interim president. We unite to help these fighters once and for all.”

And the other end of the bet? If Silva wins, Paul has agreed to a kickboxing match with the former UFC legend. Originally, Paul suggested an MMA fight which Silva refused, saying he doesn’t do MMA anymore.

Silva was quick to agree to the bet, much to the apparent surprise of Jake Paul. Paul has often been outspoken in his criticism of Dana White and the UFC, especially regarding fighter pay and healthcare. However, Silva has remained relatively neutral in the debate. Of course due to the public nature of Paul’s YouTube career, many question whether his efforts are sincere or just a way to garner more publicity. Indeed, aligning himself with Anderson Silva would bring him much attention, but is also likely to be a powerful force as the face of an association.

“The fighters need to band together and Anderson is the perfect guy. He’s all of our idols, every fighters’ idol. So, he would be a very powerful figure. This type of thing just needs to happen for fighters.”

Paul spoke of his desire to get a big name in UFC on board with his idea, admitting that many people struggle to take him seriously because of their animosity toward him.

“It’s not gonna be just a couple fighters who are gonna be able to pull this off. But he’s a legend, right? He’s one of the most respected ever. And that’s important. I think a lot of fighters have animosity towards me, so they might not listen to me. So, I need help in getting this done.”

Who would you like to see win the upcoming match and bet?


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