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Daniel Cormier Makes His Prediction for Jon Jones vs. Alexander Gustafsson 2

Daniel Cormier has faced both of them so there may not be a better person to offer a prediction in the rematch between Jon Jones and Alexander Gustafsson

Daniel Cormier was admittedly ‘disappointed’ when he found out the UFC would be stripping away his light heavyweight title for upcoming rematch between Jon Jones and Alexander Gustafsson.

That fight at UFC 232 will determine a new light heavyweight champion while Cormier is set to make his return in just a few weeks at UFC 230 where he faces Derrick Lewis while putting his heavyweight belt up for grabs.

While he’s reconciled with the idea of no longer being a two division champion, Cormier also knows that if he really wants to face the winner of Jones vs. Gustafsson, he could probably lobby for that as his final fight with retirement looming in March.

Obviously on paper, Cormier would rather get a shot at Jones, who is the only person to hold a win over him during his mixed martial arts career.

Cormier defeated Gustafsson when they fought and he’s shown very little interest in a second fight with him ever since.

As for the upcoming rematch, Cormier feels like the real Jones will make an appearance this time around where he didn’t necessarily show up for the first fight against Gustafsson.

“I think [Jones] wins the fight,” Cormier said when asked for his prediction. “I think Gustafsson is a fantastic fighter. I just believe that he caught [Jones] on a night when it was like this fight for me with [Derrick] Lewis. Nobody gave Alexander a chance and I think Jon took that mindset into the fight, too, and that’s why the fight was so close.

“I shared the Octagon with both and I think Jones is just a better fighter. I’ve got to be honest with you.”

Jones has already opened up as a heavy favorite for the rematch against Gustafsson, which takes place on Dec. 29 in Las Vegas.

Despite the betting odds, Gustafsson has already promised that he’ll not only beat Jones but he’ll knock him out when they clash in the rematch at UFC 232.

Cormier definitely has his pick made and it’s entirely possible that a Jones win could set up a trilogy between them in 2019.

First things first, Cormier has to get past Lewis and Jones has to defeat Gustafsson before those two rivals could potentially meet again.

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