The Rock’s Support Moves UFC Fighter to Tears

The Rock's Emotional Support Brings UFC Fighter to Tears

In an emotional revelation, Themba Gorimbo expressed his gratitude towards Hollywood superstar Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson after a stunning first-round knockout against Pete Rodriguez at UFC Vegas 85. The Zimbabwean fighter highlighted “The Rock’s” significant impact on his life and career, from financial support to personal encouragement, which brought him to tears before his latest fight. Gorimbo, who faced hardship upon his arrival in the US, received a house from Johnson, enabling him to fully commit to his MMA career. This act of kindness, coupled with Gorimbo’s dedication, led to a blossoming friendship between the athlete and the actor, with Johnson emerging as one of Gorimbo’s biggest fans.

After his first UFC win, Gorimbo donated thousands to his village in Zimbabwe, a gesture that caught Johnson’s attention and prompted their meeting. The support from “The Rock” was so overwhelming that Gorimbo nearly cried during the pre-fight press conference.



“He made me cry before the match – DJ, wherever you are, that was not okay! But yes, I love him. He sent me a message just before the match when I was backstage, and I think my coaches definitely thought I was focused, but I shed some tears and struggled to hold them back.”

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