Matt Hughes Accused of Domestic Violence as Wife Files for Divorce and Restraining Order

UFC Hall of Famer Matt Hughes was hit with a restraining order by his wife after she alleges the retired fighter assaulted her several times and threatened her with a gun.

UFC Hall of Famer Matt Hughes has been served with a restraining order and divorce papers from his wife after she alleges multiple instances of physical abuse as well as being threatened with a gun.

Court documents obtained show a restraining order being filed against Hughes last December by his wife, who then later filed for divorce from the former UFC welterweight champion.

TMZ initially reported details from the protection order that Hughes’ wife Audra Hughes filed against him where she detailed allegations of abuse from her husband.

Hughes was nearly killed when his truck was struck by an oncoming train in 2017 and it left him with a serious brain injury.

His wife claims shortly after he recovered from the accident is when the abuse started while alleging that he roughed her up in the shower in September or October 2017. Hughes’ wife claims that the retired fighter wanted the keys to his truck but she refused to give them to him because “he shouldn’t drive due to his DAI (brain injury).”

She then claims Hughes choked her and asked for the code to his gun safe. Hughes’ wife says she refused and then alleges that he choked her again and smashed her head against the shower.

Audra Hughes then alleged that less than a year later her husband threatened to shoot her after she took his phone because he was ‘communicating with multiple women’. She claims another incident took place a day before she filed the restraining order where she alleges that Hughes struck her in front of her son, their daughter and her step-father when she confronted him about speaking to other women.

The restraining order was approved and Hughes must stay at least 500 feet away from his estranged wife and children at all times.

According to court records, Audra then filed for divorce from her husband in February.

In addition to the restraining order received against him by his wife, Hughes was also hit with a second restraining order from his twin brother Matt Hughes after they also suffered a falling out.

Mark filed a restraining order against his brother after he claims Matt roughed up his son and tried to destroy his tractor after an argument ensued over the ownership of the piece of farm equipment.

Mark alleges that he and his brother disagreed on ownership of the tractor and then he accuses Matt of seeing his son driving the tractor last September, grabbed him and shook him while telling him that it was his tractor. Mark also claims that Matt doused the tractor in gasoline because he believes his brother was trying to destroy it.

Mark was granted the restraining order forcing his brother to stay away from him and his family at all times.

Hughes has made no public statement regarding the allegations against him. The former UFC welterweight champion has been present as numerous fights since recovering from his accident and he also met with President Donald Trump alongside UFC president Dana White earlier this year.


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