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VIDEO: UFC president shows off his INCREDIBLE backyard!

✔ Several pools, cabanas, a gym, a spa, and a personal chef – Dana White spared no expense!

UFC president Dana White has showed off his enormous and incredible backyard on YouTube!

White has managed to become an incredibly wealthy man during his time as head honcho of the UFC. Under his leadership the UFC has experienced tremendous success, becoming the largest MMA promotion by far with stars such as Conor McGregorRonda RouseyBrock Lesnar, and Khabib Nurmagomedov. Through the years White’s net worth has steadily increased alongside the promotion’s rapid rise to success. Currently, the UFC president is reported to be worth around $500 million dollars.

During a new episode of Pit Stops on YouTube, White showed off the spectacular backyard of his Las Vegas mansion. Resembling a tropical resort more than a typical backyard, it sports several pools, cabanas, a gym, and a spa! White also employs a personal chef who whips him up breakfast, lunch, and dinner whenever he fancies.

“What I was going for here was that I wanted you to feel like you’re at a resort,” White explained. “You have the pool, there’s cabanas everywhere, and on the other side there’s a gym and a spa.”

White also revealed which three friends he would invite for a barbecue!

“My three invites would be probably “The Rock”. If “The Rock” started training when he was a younger guy, I think he’d have done really well (in the UFC). Mario Lopez, I fucking love Mario Lopez. I was with him last night in LA. We went to a fight together. And Halle Berry, my other buddy who was with me last night at the fights.”


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