SWEDEN: MMA Club Withdraws from Security Role after Backlash and Threats

"Backlash Ends Västerås Fight Club's VSK Role"

A Clash of Worlds:

After facing a barrage of criticism, Västerås Fight Club has decided to back down. Initially tasked with assisting the football club VSK in fan searches and ensuring safety during matches, the image of eager MMA fighters standing by for discipline did not sit well with fans. Threats against club members escalated.

Manager Speaks Out:

Jörgen Hamberg, the club’s manager, clarified that fighters like Andreas “Bane” Gustafsson were not intended to appear threatening or violent towards fans. However, many football supporters perceived Hamberg’s comments to the VLT as a direct challenge. For the betterment of all involved, Hamberg has opted to step back from the collaboration.

The Final Decision:

“It’s completely impossible for us to do a good job, so the best we can do for VSK is to throw in the towel,” Jörgen Hamberg told Sportbladet, highlighting the potential hindrance to security efforts.

Media Misinterpretation:

According to Hamberg, VLT has distorted his statements, portraying him and his fighters as more prone to violence than athletes in other sports, a notion he vehemently disputes.

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A Misunderstood Role:

Despite participating in five matches this year and maintaining a non-physical, friendly atmosphere, the portrayal in the media has been challenging. Hamberg, known for his colorful personality in MMA media, underestimated the controversy this collaboration would stir in the larger football community.

An Apology and Clarification:

Facing the impossibility of confronting thousands of football fans with a handful of MMA fighters, Hamberg criticizes VLT for inciting fan hostility and extends an apology, emphasizing there was never an intention to challenge or threaten anyone.


“It’s completely impossible for us to do a good job, so the best we can do for VSK is to throw in the towel,” – Jörgen Hamberg to Sportbladet.

“The article belittles us as athletes. We have helped out at five matches so far this year, and it has been super nice. Our job involves no physical contact; we have our search wands and have tried to maintain a pleasant atmosphere.” – Jörgen Hamberg.

“In MMA media, I am a colorful figure. I enjoy being outspoken, but had no idea the minefield I was stepping into. Football is so much bigger.” – Jörgen Hamberg.

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