UFC Fighter Bryce Mitchell Suffers Torn Scrotum in Gruesome Home Accident

Former "Ultimate Fighter" competitor Bryce Mitchell detailed a gruesome injury he suffered at home on Tuesday that resulted in a torn scrotum

No man would ever wish what happened to Bryce Mitchell on Tuesday to befall anybody else.

The former “Ultimate Fighter” contender revealed some gruesome details after he apparently suffered an accident at home where a drill ended up slicing into his scrotum.

Mitchell described what unfolded in a social media post.

Mitchell, who won in his UFC debut against fellow “Ultimate Fighter” competitor Tyler Diamond, then showed off the aftermath of the nasty injury he suffered at home.

As awful as the injury had to be, Mitchell seemed to be in remarkably good spirits giving updates on what unfolded.

If there’s a positive ending to this entire horrific ordeal it’s that Mitchell may have just scored himself some free underwear after ruining his favorite pair of boxers.


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