Video: UFC 296 Embedded episode 5

Video greeting from wrestling legend Ric Flair.

In “UFC Embedded Episode 5,” viewers are treated to a dynamic glimpse of the media day leading up to major fights. The episode kicks off with Colby Covington proudly showcasing his suit, uniquely adorned with an image of Trump on the back. During an interview with Nina Drama, Colby also receives a surprising video greeting from wrestling legend Ric Flair.

The scene shifts to Leon Edwards, who is seen greeting motivational expert David Goggins. This episode captures the excitement and anticipation typical of media days, as one fighter after another steps into the limelight.

The climax and simultaneously the most controversial moment of the episode occurs during the press conference. Chaos erupts when Colby Covington makes a shocking comment about Leon Edwards’ deceased father. This moment marks an intensification of the already electric atmosphere, highlighting the strong emotions and drama that often surround these major UFC events. The episode of “UFC Embedded” thus captures not only the preparations for the matches but also the emotional and controversial aspects that can arise in the heat of these competitions.

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