UFC Stars Raise Concerns Over Tony Ferguson’s Intense Training Regime

Chael Sonnen and Rafael dos Anjos Question David Goggins’ Impact on Ferguson’s Preparation for UFC 296

UFC veterans Chael Sonnen and Rafael dos Anjos have expressed concerns about Tony Ferguson’s current training approach with ex-Navy SEAL David Goggins. Their worries come ahead of Ferguson’s highly anticipated fight against Paddy Pimblett at UFC 296.

Dos Anjos recently commented on Ferguson’s rigorous workout routine, questioning its effectiveness. “Those long workouts will not help Tony’s condition, it will slow him down,” dos Anjos noted, suggesting that while such training could boost mental strength, Ferguson, known for his mental fortitude, might not benefit in the way intended. Sonnen shared similar views, acknowledging Goggins’ positive influence but cautioning about the need for energy conservation.

Ferguson, on a six-fight winning streak, is approaching a critical juncture in his career. He stands on the brink of equalling B.J. Penn’s record of seven consecutive losses, a situation that has put his training and preparation methods under scrutiny. Known for his unconventional and acrobatic training techniques, Ferguson has consistently drawn attention for his unique approach outside the cage. Despite calls for retirement, the ex-interim lightweight champion remains committed to the sport, emphasizing his rededication after a 15-year professional career.


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