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Team McGregor & Pitbull brothers separated at presser – After tense confrontation

Emotions ran high as members of SBG Ireland; Team Conor McGregor, got into confrontation with the Pitbull bothers at a Bellator media event

Rivalries are a big part of MMA, as they help sell fights, force fighters to rise to the occasion and spur all parties involved leading up to the bout. Sometimes those rivalries get intense, which is exactly what happened yesterday at a Bellator press conference. The promotion hosted a presser with many of its biggest stars, including SBG Ireland fighters such as James Gallagher, Pedro Carvalho and Peter Queally, same team as Conor McGregor. For reasons not apparent at the moment, the Team McGregor fighters got into a heated confrontation with “The Pitbull Brothers” Patricio and Patricky Freire.

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The two sides do share a rivalry, however, and members from each side are slated to compete against each other. Patricio Freire will face above mentioned Carvalho on Friday at Bellator 241. Also, Patricky Freire will face Queally at Bellator Dublin later this year. Gallagher is quickly escorted out, and he is known for having somewhat of a short fuse. In the lead up to previous fights, he has repeatedly antagonised some of his opponents.

Speaking to MMA Fighting, Patricky Friere called Queally “a guy who deserves a big beating,” while also adding that he will “straight blast you harder than a dolly through a bus glass window.” This is a direct reference to the infamous Brooklyn bus attack in which McGregor, and an entourage of over a dozen others, attacked a bus that UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov was aboard, smashing one of the bis windows with a dolly.

It remains to be seen if these rivalries can be settled inside the Bellator cage this year.

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