T.J. Dillashaw, Demetrious Johnson Both Target International Fight Week for Proposed Super Fight

Dillashaw and Johnson both want to get booked on the UFC's annual International Fight Week card in July

In a battle of champion vs. champion, T.J. Dillashaw and Demetrious Johnson both agree that their super fight should get a marquee spot on one of the biggest pay-per-view cards of the year.

That’s why both agree that facing off at the UFC’s annual International Fight Week card in July in Las Vegas would be the perfect landing spot for their highly anticipated battle later this year.

Dillashaw targeted that date right away when looking at the calendar for 2018 as he was anticipating some down time to start the year with the birth of his first child and considering the attention a fight with Johnson will receive, he wanted a real spotlight to fall on this matchup.

“I would love to fight on a big card in June or July,” Dillashaw sayd. “This is a hyped up fight that could be on one of those big stacked cards just like we had at Madison Square Garden. It’s going to be a huge draw. Why not make this another Super Bowl card? That would be my dream because it’s so hyped up, it’s going to be amazing.

“Hell yeah [International Fight Week] that would be awesome. Super big.”

The timing seems to line up with what Johnson has in mind as well after he just recently underwent shoulder surgery to clean up some long term damage done to his body while on an incredible streak where he’s defended his title 11 times.

Johnson will need some time to recover but he agrees with Dillashaw that the magnitude for their fight comes along with some extra attention from the UFC.

“Recovery is going good. I had rotator cuff [surgery], labrum and joint clean-out,” Johnson said during a Metro PCS chat with fans. “After 11 title defenses and 12 championship fights, the old dog needs to get some rehab. I got it cleaned up.

“Six weeks recover, we can get strong again, and hopefully T.J. Dillashaw can get this match done. Hopefully July, International Fight Week, on a big, big card.”

Obviously the UFC hasn’t planned as far as July yet but it’s tough to argue with the logic that Dillashaw vs. Johnson will be a huge fight for later this year. The matchup will see Dillashaw drop down to 125 pounds as he looks to hand Johnson his first loss since 2011 when he last competed in the bantamweight division.

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