Pereira Criticized by UFC Colleague Over Support for Israel

"I'll get to him - Inshallah"

“I’ll get to him – Inshallah”

UFC fighter Sharabutdin “Shara Bullet” Magomedov has set his sights on Michel Pereira, turning their conflict into a political and personal vendetta.

Initially, “Shara Bullet” was slated to fight Ihor Potieria at UFC Saudi Arabia on June 22. However, Potieria was reassigned to fight Pereira at UFC 301, a match that Pereira won spectacularly, resulting in Potieria’s 54-second defeat and subsequent medical suspension. This left Magomedov without an opponent, sparking his ire towards Pereira? (Sherdog)?? (MMA INDIA)?.


Magomedov’s Criticism of Pereira’s Support for Israel

On social media, Magomedov didn’t hold back, branding Pereira a “clown” and criticizing his fighting style. He took it a step further by condemning Pereira for his support of Israel. In a heated Instagram post, Magomedov criticized Pereira for his actions during the recent floods in Brazil, where Pereira was seen rescuing dogs and aiding in relief efforts.

Despite global praise for Pereira’s humanitarian efforts, Magomedov viewed it differently. He wrote:

“While this hypocrite saves dogs in Brazil and ignores my calls, thousands of children are dying at the hands of child murderers,” Magomedov stated. “At some point, I will get to him, Inshallah, and then this cheerful guy won’t have so much fun.”


Magomedov referred to Pereira’s actions last October at UFC Vegas 81, where Pereira showcased the Israeli flag following his knockout victory. Pereira explained his choice to display the flag, saying:

“It’s because of the ongoing war in Israel,” Pereira said through a translator. “I have many friends there, and I saw some videos that broke my heart. I saw a little child who was starving when he woke up. Now that I have a baby, it crushed my heart. I decided to carry the flag to support Israel”? (Sherdog)?? (MMA INDIA)?? (WhoIsFighting)?.

Magomedov has openly challenged Pereira, calling for a fight in Saudi Arabia on June 22. Pereira, meanwhile, is expected to fight Roman Dolidze at UFC Louisville on June 8, although there are conflicting reports about whether Pereira has officially accepted the bout? (Sherdog)?? (WhoIsFighting)?.

Stay tuned for more updates on this unfolding rivalry and potential clash in the Octagon.


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