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Sean O’Malley comments on first loss to Marlon Vera: “He’s not that good”

"I’m going to be f*****g world champion, he’s going to be a f*****g journeyman"

Sean O’Malley has been processing his first professional loss, but is giving his opponent Marlon Vera absolutely no credit. The two met in the co-main event at UFC 252, with the hype behind O’Malley near deafening leading into the fight. However as is now known, O’Malley injured his leg during the fight, leading to Vera winning via first round TKO.

Now O’Malley has spoken out following the loss, and he remains just as confident as ever.

“We picked the date, we picked the time, and we both walked out. It doesn’t matter what the f**k happens. Whoever wins, how it happens, however they win, wins. He won. It sucks for me, because I lost to someone who I look at as not very good,” O’Malley said on his podcast. “I look at him, and I’m like, he’s not that good. And I f*****g lost to him. That’s what’s the most frustrating thing. Losing to someone I’m better than. That humble post was a f*****g joke. So for everyone commenting stupid s**t, I’m not humble.”


Despite the tough loss, O’Malley doesn’t have much faith in Vera’s continued success in the UFC.

“Let’s look at his career in five years, let’s look at mine. I’m going to be f*****g world champion, he’s going to be a f*****g journeyman,” O’Malley concluded. “That’s just what his style is. He wins some, he loses some. He’s slow, but he’s gritty, so he’s going to be able to finish some people after they beat him up for a while. The way his pace was, super slow like that, and I was exploding into shots, I wasn’t gonna get tired and I was just gonna beat his a*s.”

As of now it’s uncertain when O’Malley will return, but based on his recent videos his leg seems to be healing nicely. He remains a popular, big draw that he UFC still are interested in investing in, and surely big fights await him hereafter.

Would you like to see a rematch between Sean O’Malley and Marlon Vera?

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