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Report: Mike Tyson’s return opponent revealed as ex heavyweight champ!

"Me and Tyson are going to lace up the gloves..."

Former heavyweight boxing champ Shannon Briggs has claimed to be the new opponent slated to face boxing legend Mike Tyson in the latter’s return fight. 

“Iron” Mike Tyson has made waves all over the globe, announcing his return to boxing. In an unexpected move, Tyson revealed that his comeback would be competing in exhibition bouts for charity. Now, former heavyweight boxing champ Shannon “The Cannon” Briggs claims to be set to face Tyson.

Taking part in an Instagram Live session with fans, Briggs claimed that a deal had been reached to fight Tyson.

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“Me and Tyson are going to lace up the gloves, we’re going to rumble, rumble in the jungle. We’re going to let our fist do the talking.”

“The money is there, the money is almost there, I can’t say much more, I’ll leave it at that,” he added. “This is for charity, this is [an] exhibition. I want people to understand.”

Briggs is certainly credentialed. He held titles in the WBO amongst other promotions, and wins over George Foreman and others, though he is well aware that Tyson remains a tough test for anyone. Recently Tyson has shown off impressive form and technique in several videos.

“We all know it’s an exhibition and then we will see what’s left in the tank. It’s for charity, it will be fun, but this is Mike Tyson we are talking about.

“He naturally hits hard, so he might hit me and he might break my rib. We have to be fully prepared.”

Tyson will undoubtedly go down as one one of the greatest boxers of all time, if not the greatest. His list of accomplishments is long and storied, filled to the brim with top-notch competition. At 53 years old, though, he is far past his prime, which has caused apprehension from many in the combat sports community – Such as UFC president Dana White.

So far neither Tyson nor any promotion has confirmed Brigg’s claims.

Is Shannon Briggs the right new opponent for Mike Tyson in his return fight?

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