UFC Vet Raphael Assuncao Spits on Opponent Post-BJJ Match!

"This guy was disrespectful on the mat."

Incident Overview

Former UFC standout Raphael Assuncao, who retired from mixed martial arts last year, is still active in the grappling scene. This weekend at the IBJJF Atlanta Spring Open, he faced Matt Walsh in a match that ended controversially. Assuncao emerged victorious after Walsh was disqualified for employing an illegal knee lock technique.

Confrontation Details

Following the match, when Assuncao warned Walsh about the dangers of the illegal move, citing the potential for serious injuries, the situation escalated. Walsh’s response seemed to provoke Assuncao, who, despite nursing an injured knee, confronted and spat on Walsh multiple times.

Social Media Reactions

Assuncao took to social media to explain his actions, providing context to the heated moment. Video footage of the altercation and Assuncao’s detailed explanation have circulated online, stirring widespread discussions.

Assuncao’s Explanation

On Instagram, Assuncao expressed his frustration, stating, “This guy disrespected me on the mat. He pulled my knee out using an illegal move. I warned him about being careful with that technique. His reply? His gym is known for it. That’s when he mentioned he could show me more in the parking lot.”

Assuncao continued, “I lost my cool. I chased him down and asked if he was serious about showing me more outside. He backed down, acted cowardly, and I just spat on him.”

He also mentioned that Walsh’s Instagram bio reads, “We smoke weed and dislocate knees,” which Walsh had bragged about after his disqualification.



Assuncao on Instagram: “This guy was disrespectful on the mat. He pulled my knee out in an illegal way. I told him, ‘Hey. You need to be careful with that technique.’ He said his gym is known for that kind of technique, so I responded back and finally he said he could show me much more than just pulling my knee out in the parking lot.”

Assuncao: “So I lost it. I chased him down and asked him, ‘You said you were going to show me more in the parking lot?’ He chickened out. He acted like a coward and I just spat on him.”

Assuncao about Walsh’s quote: “This guy’s quote on Instagram is, ‘We smoke weed and pull knees out of joint,’ and he said that to me on the mat after he was disqualified.”

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