Podcast The Joe Rogan Experience to change platforms entirely

One of the most popular podcasts in the world; The Joe Rogan Experience, now has a new, exclusive home: Spotify. 

Podcasting has become quite the lucrative profession, reaching out millions of people every day. UFC commentator Joe Rogan hosts his own podcast; The Joe Rogan Experience, which debuted in 2009. Since then, Rogan’s podcast has grown to become the most profitable podcast in the world, featuring a slew of famous guests. Aside from UFC fighters like Georges St-Pierre, Alexander Gustafsson and Kamaru Usman, he’s also had other personalities like Alex Jones, Joey Diaz and Candace Owens on the show.

For years The Joe Rogan Experience has been featured on YouTube, but that will come to an end. Music and podcast streaming service Spotify recently announced that they have acquired exclusive rights to the Joe Rogan Experience, and will begin streaming the podcast September first.

“The Joe Rogan Experience, one of the most popular podcasts in the world, is coming to Spotify via a multi-year exclusive licensing deal,” the company wrote in a release“The talk series has long been the most-searched-for podcast on Spotify and is the leading show on practically every other podcasting platform. And, like all podcasts and vodcasts on Spotify, it will remain free and accessible to all Spotify users. 

Since its launch in 2009, the pioneering Joe Rogan Experience (JRE) has broken ground and built one of the most loyal and engaged fan bases in the world. Rogan brings his sensibilities as a stand-up comic to the show, and alongside dynamic and diverse guests, he fearlessly broaches far-ranging topics including neuroscience, sports, comedy, health, infectious disease, and our ever-changing culture—all with a mix of curiosity and humor.

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In addition to the wildly popular podcast format, JRE also produces corresponding video episodes, which will also be available on Spotify as in-app vodcasts. 

Bringing the JRE to Spotify will mean that the platform’s more than 286 million active users will have access to one of culture’s leading voices. By partnering with Spotify, Rogan and his team will enjoy the support of the world’s leading audio platform.  

From his earliest days behind the mic, Joe has been a commentator, fixture, and driving force in culture helping to lay the foundation for the podcasting renaissance we are experiencing today. While Spotify will become the exclusive distributor of JRE, Rogan will maintain full creative control over the show.  

This partnership represents a major addition to the already unrivaled slate of exclusive audio content available to audiences on Spotify. “

Forbes recently ran a story on the most profitable podcasts in the world, showing Rogan’s at the number one spot. It is estimated that Rogan nets over 30 million dollars a year on the JRE.

Since beginning to work for the UFC in 1997 Rogan has grown to become one of the most known people in the MMA community.

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