Joe Rogan shows off INSANE body transformation – One month after new diet

"This is as good as I’ve felt in a long time"

Starting off 2020 with a new diet, UFC commentator Joe Rogan has made a crazy body transformation.

He decided to begin January of this year by trying the controversial carnivore diet. This was done after gaining some weight, which he was berated for online. Initially he experienced some horrible side effects, including diarrhoea, shortly after beginning the diet. However now he has shared a video, and his physique, and he certainly seems to be in great shape.


“So I did the carnivore diet for all of January” Rogan said in the video. “I lost 12 pounds, gained a ton of energy, my energy levels were completely flat the whole month, no ups and downs from crashing after eating.”

“I had a belly and a lot of people made fun of me and fat-shamed me. I lost all my fat, I lost all of the belly, I lost my love handles.”

The UFC commentator also said that he was unsure as to if he will continue on the carnivore diet or not. Rogan was initially sceptic to the diet, but his very clear and positive body transformation is telling. Most importantly, he is feeling better than he has in a long time.

Rogan has made big waves with his podcast; The Joe Rogan Experience. While he has had many UFC fighters as guests, such as Kamaru Usman and others. He has also had other guests, such as controversial Alex Jones amongst others. While striking a chord with many, Rogan has come under fire by some, deemed transphobic for comments he made about transgender fighter Fallon Fox. He has, though, fired back at critics, claiming his comments were taken out of context.

Regardless, Rogan is continuing to stay in the headlines, be if for what he says or in this case: How he has changed.

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