Paul Heyman: Brock Lesnar ‘Always Ready’ For Potential Return to UFC

Brock Lesnar's long time friend and advocate Paul Heyman talks about the possibility that the former heavyweight champion returns to the UFC

Brock Lesnar will always do whatever he wants to do and that could include a future in the UFC or maybe spending the rest of his career performing in WWE.

That’s according to Lesnar’s long time friend and advocate Paul Heyman, who spoke to TMZ about the former UFC heavyweight champion this week.

It was as recent as this past July when Lesnar engaged in a back and forth war of words with former UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones that had everybody wondering if the fearsome former title holder was actually contemplating a return to the UFC.

Add to that, UFC president Dana White has said several times recently that he could see Lesnar returning to the Octagon again because if there’s one thing he knows about the hulking former heavyweight champion — he just loves to fight.

“I think Brock Lesnar does whatever Brock Lesnar wants to do,” Heyman said. “If Brock Lesnar wants to fight in UFC, Brock Lesnar will fight in UFC. If Brock Lesnar wants to fight in WWE, he will fight in WWE. Ask Braun Strowman, ask Randy Orton, ask the Undertaker, Brock Lesnar does what Brock Lesnar wants to do.”

If Lesnar were to plot his return to the UFC, he would have to re-enter the USADA (United States Anti-Doping Agency) pool for at least six months while serving out the remainder of his one year sentence after testing positive for a banned substance from his last fight against Mark Hunt in 2016.

Obviously Lesnar is also a high value superstar for the WWE and it’s likely the company will do everything possible to keep him on the roster for as long as possible.

The good news is if Lesnar decides to make another run in the UFC, Heyman says that physically he’s in better shape than ever before.

In fact, Heyman argues because Lesnar hasn’t been putting himself through rigorous training camps over the past few years that he’s perhaps in even better condition than some of the top athletes currently competing in the UFC.

“The time away actually makes him better because his body gets a chance to heal,” Heyman said. “The problem with these UFC fighters, and they’re all fantastic athletes, top of the line in the entire world, is that they wear their bodies down in these training camps. All these guys that are cutting weight are just destroying their own bodies.

“Brock Lesnar’s probably the healthiest fighter to enter UFC if he decides to do that. He’s always ready.”

Now Heyman obviously gave no clear indication on what Lesnar intends to do with rumors swirling that his current WWE contract runs out after WrestleMania in April. Still, Lesnar is in a good position to do whatever he wants because there’s no doubt both WWE and UFC would love to retain his services.

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