Oct 22, 2022; Abu Dhabi, UAE; Sean O'Malley (blue gloves) defeats Petr Yan (red gloveS) during UFC 280 at Etihad Arena. Mandatory Credit: Craig Kidwell-USA TODAY Sports

UFC’s Rising Star: Sean O’Malley to Headline 2024

O'Malley Reveals UFC's Plans, Awaits Grand Return to the Octagon

Sean O’Malley, the rising sensation in the UFC realm, reveals the organization’s exciting plans for him. In a recent update, O’Malley hinted at an expected early return in 2024 and shared insights on the UFC’s vision for his future bouts.

While many fighters are pushing to return to the octagon at the earliest, O’Malley is treading a thoughtful path.

“I’m not in a hurry. I’ve always said that,”

emphasized the star. His strategic approach to his career trajectory is evident, with plans to return only when he feels it’s the right time.

Amplifying the anticipation of fans, O’Malley dropped a significant hint regarding UFC’s plans for him.

“The UFC wants me to main event my own show,”

O’Malley stated, signifying the organization’s recognition of his growing prominence and potential star power.

Such a move from the UFC is not merely a recognition of O’Malley’s skills in the octagon but also an acknowledgment of his marketability and the fan base he commands. The anticipation of him headlining his own event has the MMA community buzzing with excitement.

As the UFC world gears up for a stellar 2024, Sean O’Malley’s potential headline event is a testament to his meteoric rise and the faith the organization has in him. While the exact details remain under wraps, fans and fellow fighters eagerly await O’Malley’s grand return to the octagon.

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