Nate Diaz: ‘You Work For Somebody; I Work For Me. Who’s The Fighter Now, Motherf—–?’

Nate Diaz has spoken out and said he will only fight someone that treats him with respect.

Nate Diaz has spoken out about his inactivity in MMA and made it perfectly clear to the rest of the UFC roster that trying to provoke and disrespect him will not make him return.

Speaking today on the Outside the Box podcast, Diaz explained why he hasn’t taken a fight since his majority decision loss to Conor McGregor at UFC 202 in Aug. 2016.

“I’m not fighting because I am a fighter,” Diaz said (transcribe via Bloody Elbow). “You’re fighting because someone’s telling you to fight. I’ll fight whenever the f— I wanna fight. That’s because I’m a G, n**ga, I’m a fighter myself.

“I ain’t trying to do what nobody says, I’ll do what I say. And I will fight when I’m approached respectably.”

When asked why he’s not taken the bait when the likes of Tony Ferguson or Tyron Woodley have provoked him in the last few months, Diaz explained that he doesn’t feel the need to take a fight with anyone and that it should be those fighters who should question whether they are just trying to call him out to please the UFC brass.

“I don’t need to fight nobody,” Diaz said. “I’ll fight anybody, but I don’t need to fight anybody. And the fighters are like, ‘He’s not a fighter,’ I’m like, it sounds like you’re being manipulated into trying to manipulate me into getting into a fight. Guess what? You work for somebody; I work for me. Who’s the fighter now, motherf—–?”

One thing for sure is that fans want to see Diaz back in the Octagon sooner rather than later.

Full 57-minute podcast:

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