Michael Bisping roasts Georges St-Pierre over alien encounter claims

Michael Bisping took aim at GSP during the UFC 217 pre-fight press conference

Michael Bisping is never at a loss for words but especially when his opponent is sitting just a few feet away from him at a press conference.

On Friday in Las Vegas, Bisping came face to face with Georges St-Pierre just a few weeks out from their middleweight title fight that will headline UFC 217 in New York on Nov. 4.

Bisping had a lot of fun at St-Pierre’s expense throughout the press conference, but perhaps his best material came when he addressed the reasons why the former welterweight champion took a four year sabbatical from the sport.

Bisping’s burn all stems from a series of interviews that St-Pierre did in recent years where he detailed “missing time” where he would blink and several hours had passed and it led him to believe in some sort of potential alien encounter. Add to that, St-Pierre claimed to have seen an unidentifiable flying object once upon a time that he felt could have been aliens as well.

“He didn’t want to fight because Johny Hendricks hit him in the head so many times he though he’d been abducted by aliens,” Bisping said. “I’m surprised you’re not wearing a tinfoil hat today to stop the f–king messages coming.

“Dude, I’m going to hit you so many times you’re going to think you’re going to disappear on the mother ship.”


Alien insults aside, Bisping also went after St-Pierre for specifically requesting this fight with him after re-signing with the UFC on a new multi-fight deal after last competing in 2013.

When he left the sport, St-Pierre was a nine time defending welterweight champion but he didn’t have much interest in facing current 170-pound king Tyron Woodley in his return. Instead, St-Pierre targeted the middleweight championship and Bisping is convinced it’s because the Canadian felt like he was an easier matchup.

“This p–sy only wants to fight me. He doesn’t want to fight anybody else because he thinks he can take me down and control me on the floor,” Bisping shouted. “He’s training with Freddie Roach. I hope to God, Freddie, you try to turn him into a boxer. I hope he comes out and tries to stand with me but we all know that’s not going to happen. He’s going to jab and he’s going to try to take me down.

“Why? Because we trained together a lot time ago and he out wrestled me back then but that was 12 years ago, but that’s what he thinks is going to happen. I knew this fight would come off cause he hasn’t got the balls to fight anyone that he doesn’t think he can beat. Like Anderson Silva, like many other people.”

For his part, St-Pierre denied ever passing on a fight with Silva outside of the one time UFC president Dana White offered him the matchup following his last bout against Hendricks in 2013. St-Pierre admits turning down the fight with Silva at that point but added that he wouldn’t have faced anyone due to his need for some time off from the sport.

Bisping and St-Pierre will pick up their war of words in a few weeks when they take over Manhattan as the middleweight title fight headlines the UFC’s return to Madison Square Garden in New York on Nov. 4.

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