Michael Bisping Responds to Derek Brunson’s Call Out

Michael Bisping seemingly has no interest in pursuing a fight with Derek Brunson

Derek Brunson asked and now Michael Bisping has responded.

Earlier this week, Brunson called out Bisping after both top 10 ranked middleweights suffered recent knockout losses and considering where they are at in the UFC rankings, he felt it made sense for them to face off next.

Brunson even posted a bout agreement asking for Bisping to sign on the dotted line.

Well the former middleweight champion has answered the call but it looks like Bisping has no interest in accepting Brunson’s challenge.

“Photoshop is a fantastic thing because I have not been offered a fight with ‘Derelict’ Brunson,” Bisping said on “UFC Tonight”. “The reason I say ‘Derelict’ Brunson is because I think he’s still a shadow of his former self after getting knocked out by ‘Jacare’ [Souza] recently.

“Derek, you’re a good guy, you’re making moves but I’ve got bigger fish to fry. I don’t even know whose bout agreement that is. Derek, good try.”

Bisping has said that he may only have one fight left in his career before retiring and lately he’s even waffled on that decision on whether or not he may compete again following his last two bouts in the UFC.

It appears if Bisping is going to fight again, he’s still waiting for a more enticing offer while Brunson will continue to hunt for another top 10 opponent to fight next.

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