Michael Bisping On Luke Rockhold Trilogy: ‘We Can Entertain That Buddy, I’ve Got No Problem Knocking You Out Again’

Michael Bisping would be keen to have a trilogy fight with Luke Rockhold for his retirement bout.

Michael Bisping hasn’t settled on whether or not he will fight one last time before his retirement, but if the right offer to fight Luke Rockhold for a third time is placed in front of him, it sounds like he wouldn’t need to think twice about signing the contract.

Bisping, who was speaking this week on his ‘Believe You Me’ podcast, was asked whether he would consider fighting a younger prospect and giving them a bigger platform to shine on as he exits the sport. The Brit was resolute saying that he wouldn’t want to, bit he did describe the sort of opponent and scenario that would see him get back inside the UFC Octagon.

“No, no, no, no, no,” Bisping said. “I’m not looking to fight some young guy to make a name off me and this and that. I want a fight that has meaning and somebody that’s respected and a fight with someone that has been around a long time, a fight that excites people. This is it, if I do decide to fight again. I was going to fight in London, but it never came off. We hit a roadblock in the negotiations or whatever. I won’t talk about it publicly because I don’t air my dirty laundry in public. I see a lot of people do that and it’s a little strange. Business is business and business isn’t for public consumption.

“I was hoping to fight in London and I’m going to be there next week, so I’m looking forward to being there and seeing some of the UFC fans out there and that will be great. But, yeah, if another fight happens [it’s about] all those things I just said. I want it to excite me, excite the people and mean something.”

Apparently, one fight that would get Bisping back in the Octagon would be a trilogy bout with Rockhold. The two have a long and storied feud and with both men having won one fight each, a trilogy fight would make a lot of sense before Bisping retires. Despite Rockhold saying it would be the only fight he would take again at 185-pounds before moving up to light heavyweight, Bisping floated the idea out there that they could fight at 205-pounds.

“If that motherf***er wants to throwdown at 205 then yeah, we can entertain that buddy, I’ve got no problem knocking you out again,” Bisping said. “I exposed Luke Rockhold [and] I knocked him out. David Branch nearly knocked him out, Yoel knocked him out. I quite literally took his soul. So if he wants to do it again, that’s one that quite literally would stoke the fire so to speak.”

Weight class is seemingly no issue for Bisping. Whether it’s light heavyweight or middleweight, it appears the Brit would be willing to do either to get his hands on Rockhold one last time.

“Yeah I’ll fight him at 205 or 185, I’m not bothered,” Bisping said. “That’s if I’m going to fight again and the deal is right.”

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