Mairbek Taisumov Calls Out Dustin Poirier: ‘Be A Man And Fight Me’

UFC lightweight Mairbek Taisumov has called out Dustin Poirier for a fight in 2018

UFC lightweight Mairbek Taisumov is a man on the rise and he’s growing increasingly frustrated by the amount of 155-pounds fighters who are unwilling to fight him.

The Russian is currently riding a five fight win streak and is undefeated since March 2014 with five successive KO/TKO victories. Speaking exclusively to earlier this evening, Taisumov made it very clear who he wants to fight next and he’s set his crosshairs on a man who got his hand raised this past weekend.

“I want to fight Dustin Poirier,” Taisumov said. “He says he will fight anyone at any time, so let’s see if he really means it. I’m ready to fight him and I want to see if he is a man of his word.

“Be a man and fight me.”

“I want to fight him and I’m ready to test myself. I want bigger names and bigger ranked guys. I can beat anyone in this lightweight division, no one can beat me. Nobody knows what will happen in a fight, but I’m sure I can beat these guys.”

Naming and shaming

Taisumov then explained how hard it has been for him to get matched recently. According to him, a number of top-15 fighters have chosen to turndown fights with him and he didn’t hold back naming and shaming.

“I think these guys are scared,” Taisumov said. “Sean Shelby asked Anthony Pettis to fight me, he asked [Beneil] Dariush to fight me, he asked Michael Chiesa to fight me, but nobody wants to fight. That’s why I’m sitting here getting fights with no names you know.

“Look, I respect all guys that fight and whoever steps into the Octagon, but now I don’t respect these guys becasue they are so afraid to lose you know. You have to fight, but they are playing politics.

“I want to fight these guys, but they just want to play politics.”

Name the time and the place Dustin

Poirier’s win this past weekend and has put him in a good position in the 155-pounds division. Taisumov respects and says the American can pick the time and the place in 2018 to fight him.

“I want to Poirier now,” Taisumov said. “He can choose where it happens. Why not in Australia in February or in London in March? I’m ready you know, I’m always in shape all year and I’m never out of training. I’ve just come from a training camp with an Olympic wrestling team. I feel great and I feel like I can beat anyone. I want Poirier, but if they give me Chiesa or anyone from the top-10 I will be happy.”

“My team is working hard on my visa right now and my lawyers say they hope really soon I will be able to get that visa. When I get that visa I want to fight every weekend.

“Trust me, I will fight and I beat everyone.”

Conor can do what he wants

One man Taisumov isn’t let distract him is Conor McGregor. According to him, the UFC lightweight champion has earned the right to do what he wants and the rest of the division would be better off letting him do his thing.

“Conor McGregor is chilling right now and he makes millions and nobody can say anything to Conor,” Taisumov said. “Nobody should be saying anything to Conor. Tony Ferguson will speaking about Conor, but Tony could never do what Conor did.

“Conor is chilling out and he will come back when he wants to come back.”

“Tony Ferguson spends all his time crying saying ‘Ooh I want to fight, Conor, I want to fight Conor,’ but he should forget about Conor. I’m here, I want to fight. No one knows when or if Conor is coming back so why does Tony spend all his time talking about him? Tony needs to focus on people that want to fight.”

Khabib is like a brother

With his fellow Russian Khabib Nurmagmedov also lurking around the top of the division, it’s likely the two could cross paths in the not too distant future. Taisumov isn’t letting himself get worried about that though, he’s just concerned about getting someone in the top-10 to take a fight with him.

“You know, I know Khabib is going to fight and beat Barboza,” Taisumov said. “I don’t want to jump anywhere and start speaking about Khabib, I need more fights. Let’s see what happens.

“I know Khabib will not want to fight me also.

“I know Khabib and we’re like brothers you know. I don’t think we would fight each other, but let’s see.”

“There are so many other fighters for me to fight before Khabib.”

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