Opinion: Roberto Soldic vs Dricus Du Plessis Represents A Big Step Forward For KSW

A few short words on KSW 43 and why the main event between Roberto Soldic vs Dricus Du Plessis is a big step forward for KSW.

Dricus Du Plessis vs Roberto Soldic goes down this weekend at KSW 43 and there’s no two ways about it, it should be a phenomenal.

Soldic, 23, is the current KSW welterweight champion and made his promotional debut last December when he stepped up on short notice to destroy one of the faces of KSW, Borys Mankowski.

The Croat’s destruction of the Pole that night was violent, bloody, but never out of control and it looked like a performance you would expect from a fighter much further down their career path.

That evening at KSW 41, he looked like a well oiled machine with physical attributes and athleticism that could take him to the top of the game should he continue on the same trajectory.

In KSW, he’s going to be given the platform to test himself against the best in the world and that privilege will be granted to him this weekend in the form of Dricus Du Plessis.

The South African is just 24-years-old himself and he comes into the fight with confidence of being a double weight world champion in EFC.

Like Soldic, it can be argues that Du Plessis has yet to frequently face world class opposition in his career, but anyone who has seen some of his performances in recent years will know he carries a big threat in nearly every area of the game.

This fight between Soldic and Du Plessis will see one of these guys make a big push towards bigger things on the world stage, though it’s likely that both will make it at one point of time in their career.

Du Plessis is perhaps the more well rounded of the two fighters and is able to change level the faster out of the two, but Soldic’s destruction of Mankowski last December showcased the fact that at his best he can combine sold takedown defence with formidable striking.

KSW often unfairly get painted with the brush that they’re a Polish promotion for a Polish audience, but the main event this weekend represents a high calibre fight between two non-Polish fighters and that if they want to expand, is going to be important moving forward.

As they shown plenty of times in the past, there’s more than enough room for “fun” fights, but when it gets to the business end of the show, it’s the best vs the best that you want to see.

Tomasz Narkun vs Mamed Khalidov last month at KSW 42 was insane, this fight between Du Plessis vs Soldic has the potential to be crazier.

Bring on the madness.


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