Jon Jones SLAMS Dominick Reyes in hard-hitting Twitter tirade after UFC 247

"[Dominick Reyes] has the audacity to be mad at the judges..."

While we are approaching this weekend’s UFC event in New Mexico, talk of last weeks UFC 247 continues. Specifically it involves the controversial scoring of the light heavyweight title fight between Jon Jones and Dominick Reyes. The main event at UFC 247 saw Jones defeat Reyes via a very closely contested unanimous decision.

Many fans, fighters and media are split as to how they scored the fight, with opinion seemingly split down the middle. Following UFC 247 Reyes has been very vocal, saying he feels he defeated Jones, and did actually numerically outstrike the current champ. The title challenger also complained about how the judges scored the fight, which admittedly, was a point of controversy for many fans and pundits alike.

Reyes’ comments did not sit well with Jones, who feels he clearly won the fight. In a series of posts on Twitter, Jones went after Reyes for disputing the UFC 247 results, and did not hold back.

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“Dominic out struck me by literally 12 shots,” Jones wrote. “I scored the take downs, was the aggressor, control the octagon every round, had more significant strikes landed.. Dom completely stopped fighting in the championship rounds and has the audacity to be mad at the judges.”

“Don’t be mad at the judges, be mad at Dom’s conditioning guy,” Jones continued. “Man started to give up when the water got deep and is now going around doing interviews talking about being robbed. When will these young boys start taking responsibility that’s what’s wrong with boys these days.”

Jones seems to take the controversy in stride, seeing the tough, closes fight as a testament to his championship legacy.

“At the end of the day, I got to be a part of another classic. I’m over here in ABQ smiling from ear to ear. Having fights like that tickles my pickle, it makes me feel so alive. Makes me feel like a man. Especially when you display having balls the way I did, nothing but a win.”

The light heavyweight champ also took the time to adress his many haters, who have continued to berate Jones for having close, somewhat controversial decision wins in his past two fights.

“And I know my haters are pissed, which also makes me really happy lol.

“Fights like those are the ones fans never forget. What a way to make history.”

While there have been calls for a rematch, Jones certainly has shown that he is open to face Reyes again. Many fans want to see the fight, but UFC president Dana White hasn’t committed to the idea. The general consensus, however, seems to be that a rematch would be good to once and for all settle the score as who who is the best light heavyweight on the planet.

Do you want to see Jones vs Reyes 2?

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