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Apr 23, 2016; Las Vegas, NV, USA; Jon Jones (red gloves) before his fight against Ovince Saint Preux (blue gloves) during UFC 197 at MGM Grand Garden Arena. Mandatory Credit: Joshua Dahl-USA TODAY Sports / Israel Adesanya: © Jasmin Frank-USA TODAY Sports

Jon Jones on Israel Adesanya: “I’m probably going to break his shoulder”

✅ Check out the Twitter beef between Jon Jones and Israel Adesanya

Jon Jones is the current UFC light heavyweight champion, and despite having a fight booked against Dominick Reyes, “Bones” Jones has been having a beef with UFC middleweight champion Israel Adesanya.

The war of words between the two champions ramped up after Adesanya defeated Robert Whittaker in a championship fight at UFC 243 on 6 October. Adesanya has made fun of Jones at several occasions, referencing Jones drug use and run-ins with the law.

Jones has not taken lightly to Adesanya’s jokes and responded on his Twitter:

“Be sure to tell your kids how I made my first million at age 23, let them know I accomplish records you never came close to,” Jones wrote. “Let them know you had the chance to fight me but you didn’t want to get Mayweather’d and decided to make an excuse. Bro I’m done replying to you.”

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Jon Jones vs Israel Adesanya?

But even thought Jones said he was done responding to Adesanya, “Bones” kept mentioning “The Last Stylebender” on his Twitter feed, even going so far as saying that he would “break his shoulder” when they got the opportunity to square off:

“Anime porn watching grown ass man calling me a boomer, that shit was so pathetic I don’t even know what to say back,” Jones wrote. “Dude is literally two years younger than me.”

Could Jon Jones vs. Israel Adesanya happen?

The back-and-forth between the two champions have sparked an interest in seeing them share the cage. But for Jon Jones vs. Israel Adesanya to ever happen, one of them has to change weight class, and it would more likely be Adesanya that goes to light heavyweight.

“The Last Stylebender” has already been told he is too small for the middleweight division, but he has the same height as Jones and could probably pack on more muscles to be prepared for “Bones.”

But considering Jones has flirted with the thought of heavyweight, it would be an unlikely match-up as Jones would probably be too big for Adesanya.

But until a potential match, we can enjoy the banter between the two of them:

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