Joe Rogan GOES OFF after “incompetent” UFC 247 scoring: “Just insane!”

UFC commentator Joe Rogan did not hold back addressing the controversial scoring at UFC 247, calling for a new, revised scoring system

If you were unhappy with how the judges scored the Jon Jones vs Dominick Reyes, or other fights at UFC 247, you’re certainly not alone. While there were questionable judges decisions, for example in the Derrick Lewis vs Ilir Latifi fight, no score created a bigger stir than the main event. While fans and fighters were divided regarding who won the light heavyweight title fight, most could agree that judge Joe Solis scoring four out of five rounds in Jones’ favour was bad. One of the people who dealt heavy critique regarding the scoring at UFC 247 was commentator Joe Rogan.

After the fight Rogan, alongside co-commentators Dominick Cruz and Jon Anik, opened up about the controversial scoring.

“For anyone to think that was 4-1 Jon Jones, that person’s insane,” Rogan said. “They’re insane. Dominick Reyes put on a hell of a fight tonight and to disrespect that performance with that kind of judging is just insane.”

In the aftermath of UFC 247, Rogan also added that he feels a new scoring system should be implemented.


“It’s unfortunate because it’s one of the biggest sports in the world. It’s, in my opinion, the most exciting sport in the world. Incompetent judging. Incompetent judging and a poor system. If we got together the best minds in mixed martial arts and the best journalists and fighters, and they tried to figure out a way that we could agree on a scoring system that makes more sense… It would be nice.”

MMA uses the 10 point must system, which is standardised in boxing. While adapted more towards MMA, it does leave some things to be desired as it isn’t a scoring system made for MMA. Many judges also don’t necessarily have a martial arts background, or are used to judging boxing bouts. This is another scoring aspect, highlighted at UFC 247, that Rogan addressed.

”And clearly there’s a giant issue with people judging that really don’t understand martial arts,” Rogan continued. “They judge boxing. Boxing you’re dealing with two weapons. A variety of different ways to use them, but only two weapons. With mixed martial arts there is just so much more to it.”

This has been an ongoing discussion for many years, but despite this, there doesn’t seem to be a solution in sight. While many are critical of using the 10 point must system in MMA, there have not been any clear replacements suggested. It remains to be seen if the controversy that erupted from UFC 247 can lead to some concrete scoring changes.

How did you score Jon Jones vs Dominick Reyes?

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