Joe Rogan: Floyd Mayweather Has No Chance Against Conor McGregor But He Might Beat CM Punk

Joe Rogan says Floyd Mayweather has no business whatsoever stepping into a cage with Conor McGregor but he might have a real shot at beating CM Punk

Make no mistake, if Floyd Mayweather actually faced Conor McGregor in a mixed martial arts bout, Joe Rogan would be front and center to watch it all unfold.

Mayweather has been teasing for weeks that he might actually consider a crossover to the UFC, posting videos that show him stepping inside an MMA cage while constantly taking shots at McGregor on social media.

That said, the UFC color commentator says in reality Mayweather has no business whatsoever stepping into the Octagon to face McGregor, who would have so many different ways to beat him that the reigning lightweight champion could just pick his shot.

“We know that Floyd can’t fight Conor [McGregor] in an MMA fight,” Rogan said on his podcast on Tuesday. “He can but the odds on Conor losing are so astronomically small. Whatever the f–k Vegas puts on it, that’s cute. I don’t care if it’s 10-to-1, 100-to-1. I bet it’s going to be like 900-to-1. It’s going to be something ridiculous.

“Conor’s going to kick his legs out. He’s not even going to get a chance to come close enough. Conor’s going to kick his f–king legs out. He doesn’t have any chance. If Conor decides to shoot in and clinch, he’s gonna clinch and he’s going to rag doll him. Listen if this fight takes place, Floyd doesn’t have a chance.”

It’s tough to argue with that logic considering Mayweather’s complete naivety in MMA compared to McGregor, who is the current champion at 155 pounds in the UFC.

For Mayweather to have a realistic shot of winning a fight in the UFC, Rogan feels like the multi-time boxing champion would have to take on someone like former WWE superstar CM Punk, who is very much in the same boat in terms of skill level.

Punk was mauled in his lone UFC fight when he took on Mickey Gall in 2016 and he doesn’t come from any traditional fight background outside of dabbling in Brazilian jiu-jitsu before transitioning to MMA three years ago.

Rogan says that’s the kind of fight where Mayweather might actually have a shot.

“Floyd’s got a real chance [against CM Punk],” Rogan said. “CM Punk, way bigger, let’s be honest about that. CM Punk is a guy who is wrestling at probably 190 pounds, cut weight to get to 170 to fight in the UFC.

“Floyd Mayweather is the f–king greatest boxer, maybe of all time. At least on paper he is. Look at his accomplishments through multiple weight classes, undefeated, 50-0. I don’t care if the last fight was Conor McGregor. He’s still 50-0. That’s f–king insane. He’s on another level of everybody who’s on another level.”

As much as Rogan might scoff at the idea that Mayweather could ever face McGregor in a UFC fight, he also knows there’s a lot of money to be made in an event like that.

The boxing match between Mayweather and McGregor was the second biggest pay-per-view of all time with 4.3 million buys and there’s little doubt a rematch under MMA rules would also earn massive numbers on pay-per-view and the box office.

“I think [Mayweather is] going to make a half a billion dollars. It’s really possible,” Rogan said. “They really might rake it in with that fight. Floyd might be willing to do it. That would be crazy money. I think you could sell it. If Conor decided to give five, six months for a training camp. I can’t wait. I cannot wait.”

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