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Joanna Jedrzejczyk wants Colby Covington kicked out of American Top Team

"I don’t want to comment on that, he is such a liar you know”

The drama at ATT is not over, as there are still fighters that hold ill will against Colby Covington, and want him banned from the gym. 

Some fighters gladly play spoiler, eagerly being the antagonist. Fighters such as Josh Koscheck and Chael Sonnen made a career out of antagonising their opponents. Colby Covington has gotten under many fighters’ skin, such as ex-champ Joanna Jedrzejczyk, and now his own team mates want him banned from American Top Team (ATT).

Despite head coach Dan Lambert changing the goings-on at ATT, banning trash talk between the fighters at at the gym, Covington has already burned many bridges. In a recent interview with Euro Bash Covington called Jedrzejczyk “drama queen”, amongst other things. However the former strawweight champion Jedrzejczyk has not let things go just yet.

“I don’t want to talk about Colby because he is such a liar. The thing is he wants this exposure he needs this attention because he has nothing to offer to the world. He is a great athlete, such a hard worker, but it isn’t him,” Jedrzejczyk said to ESPN MMA on Instagram Live. “Someone is writing this for, and I know who does it. I feel sorry to him that he needs to jump on me, Jorge, Dustin Poirier. We are such hard workers, very talented people, we are real warriors and he is trying to take advantage of us. I don’t want to comment on that, he is such a liar you know.”


Jedrzejczyk was clearly upset by the way that Covington has handled himself both inside and outside the gym.

“I think that Dan Lambert should kick him out. Of course, he is putting this place in shame,” she added. “When they were recording the stuff with Colby Covington he was bringing some dirty Diana’s to the gym. Ugly girls. Come on, I don’t want to talk about this guy.”

As of now it’s hard to say when Covington’s next fight will be. The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has caused many fights to be cancelled. However last week he was linked to a fight with former welterweight champion Tyron Woodley. While Covington will tone done his trash talk to other ATT fighters, it’s clear that some fighters have not gotten over his antics.

Should Colby Covington be banned from ATT?

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