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Joanna Jedrzejczyk shows off badly bruised face after UFC 248 war with Zhang Weili

"She kept crying for hours"

One thing is for certain: Joanna Jedrzejczyk can wear her battle damage with pride and respect, as her face is still badly bruised from her latest fight.

UFC 248 was an event that quite possibly produced the best women’s MMA fight ever, and a contender for one of the best bouts overall. As is now known, reigning strawweight champ Zhang Weili defeated Joanna Jedrzejczyk via split decision, and caused a brutal hemotoma on the challenger’s face. The swelling that occurred on Jedrzejczyk’s forehead was so severe that many speculated that the fight would have been stopped had another commission been governing the fight.

While certainly a good sport inside the cage, Jedrzejczyk took the loss and subsequent disfigurement harshly. Zhang was hospitalised alongside her former opponent and recently revealed that Jedrzejczyk cried for hours.


“She kept crying for hours. I felt very sad. I especially wanted to comfort her. But the language barrier, I can only tell her, ‘Good job! You did very well. You are very good’. Then she kept crying, covering her head,’ Zhang told South China Post.

“And I feel very sad, to be honest. Although she was disrespectful to me before. But I saw her injury while crying. I felt bad for her.”

In a recent post on Instagram, Jedrzejczyk posted a picture of herself with her sister, and her face is still clearly badly bruised despite being partially hid by sunglasses.

Fights such as the UFC 248 co-main event take their toll on the fighters involved. Sometimes that damage affects the future careers of those fighters. All parties involved deserve respect for being willing to perform inside the cage.

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