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Joanna Jedrzejczyk issues apology after controversial Corona virus joke

“To make fun of tragedy is a true sign of ones character..."

Former UFC strawweight champ Joanna Jedrzejczyk is in hot water after sharing a joke about the dangerous Corona virus on social media. 

UFC 248 goes down March 7th in Brooklyn, New York. It features a high-stakes co-main event as strawweight champion Weili Zhang makes her first defence against former champ Joanna Jedrzejczyk. Zhang, hailing from China, has been a mild-mannered champion so far, not taking shots at other fighters and remaining very respectful. Jedrzejczyk, however, is not one to shy away from feuding with an opponent.

In a recent post on Jedrzejczyk’s instagram stories, she posted a picture of herself with a gas mask near Zhang. The clear implication Jedrzejczyk is making is of the Corona virus, and relating it to Zhang’s Chinese heritage.

Other news:

The Corona virus has killed cirka 170 people so far and afflicted many more. So far the majority of all cases have been in China, though the virus has spread to several other countries around the world.

While a post made in jest, it did not sit well with Zhang, who has seen the devastation of the virus in her home country.

“To make fun of tragedy is a true sign of ones character,” Zhang wrote, addressing the Corona virus joke Joanna Jedrzejczyk made. “People are dying, someones father, someones mother, someones child. Say what you want about me if it makes you feel stronger but do not joke about what’s happening here. I wish you good health until March 7th. I will see you soon.”

This garnered a response and apology from Jedrzejczyk which she made via video form. The transcript can be read below.

“Hey champ. Hey Weili. I’m so sorry to make you feel bad, but I’d never make fun of sick people or a virus. I didn’t want you to get offended. I just made fun of the funny internet meme. So, so sorry, but still, I’ll see you March 7. Don’t get emotional, OK?”

Did Joanna Jedrzejczyk go to far joking about the Corona virus?

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