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Hackers hijack UFC’s Twitter and Instagram!

The UFC have not yet commented on getting hacked

Social media accounts for the UFC have been hacked. A group calling itself OurMine have openly taken responsibility for hacking the UFC’s Instagram and Twitter accounts last night. The social media platforms themselves were quick to delete many posts, but that didn’t stop fans and subscribers from taking screenshots of the many posts posted on the hacked UFC platforms.

In one of the posts, the group took responsibility in a message written in broken English.

“Hi, it’s OurMine again. Well internet security still bad in this world so we are back. Today will be crazy so be ready for the news. UFC contact us to help you fixing this issue: contact@ourmine. org. Visit ourmine. org for security services. For sponsorship contact us.”


As of now the UFC have not officially commented on the hacking issue. This is now, however, the first time the UFC have been hacked. Several years ago hackers struck the UFC’s official website, redirecting to an image of dictator Adolf Hitler.

The UFC were not the only ones who were hacked, either. The Twitter accounts for the NFL, as well as the football teams The Kansas City Chiefs and the Greenbay Packers. OurMine posted similar messages on their accounts, taking responsibility and claiming that “everything is hackable”

Both the UFC, the NFL, the two respective football teams, as well as Twitter and Instagram too, have all been swift to remove any posts made by the hackers.

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