Jackass’ Steve-o calls out Justin Bieber for UFC fight!

✅ The former Jackass star has issued a challenge ✅ Claims to have shaken hands with Dana White ✅"I think you've been picking a fight with the wrong guy"

Despite doing almost all his own stunts during his career, there may very well be a celebrity crazier than Tom Cruise, willing to step into the octagon and take his place.

Hollywood star Tom Cruise has kept quiet regarding the call out from pop star Justin Bieber. Despite Bieber seemingly backing out, UFC president Dana White claims to have had a meeting regarding the fight. We may very well see a celebrity fight in the UFC after all.

Steve-O, formerly of the popular MTV stunt show Jackass, recently said in an interview with TMZ that he’s ready and willing to fill in for Cruise and fight Bieber in the UFC.

“I’m sick of being overlooked for my potential as a cage fighter, alright?” he said. “And with Justin Bieber trying to pick a fight with Tom Cruise, I really don’t think Tom Cruise is up for it.”

He even claims to have met with the UFC boss – who supposedly agreed to let Steve-O fill in.

“As soon as I found out, I got in the van, I went out to Las Vegas, I had a little chat with Dana White, and he agreed that if Tom Cruise doesn’t step up, someone has to fill the cage with Justin Bieber,” he explained. “And I’m the guy.”

Justin Bieber vs Steve-O betting lines

Ohmbet were first in the world to release betting lines for the fight, with Bieber at 1.40 and Steve-o at three times the money with 3.0. Steve-O star is 45 years old and has quite some wear and tear from his years on MTV’s Jackass, making the odds relatively logical. Those years of death-defying stunts has however made him confident in his ability to persevere and never give up.

“I don’t know [if I can beat Bieber]. But I know that I can take a beating. And not back down, not quit, keep fighting through,” he said enthusiastically. “If he were to get me in a choke, I would not tap. I would go to sleep.”

Bieber or the UFC have not yet commented on the remarks from Steve-O.

Who would win between Justin Bieber and Steve-O?

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