Ian Machado Garry
Ian Machado Garry

Ian Machado Garry on Conor McGregor’s Withdrawal: Carrying the Irish Flag Alone

Ian Machado Garry ready to shine solo at UFC 303.

Ian Machado Garry, the rising star in the UFC, is set to face Michael Venom Page at UFC 303. Originally, this event was supposed to be a monumental occasion for Irish MMA fans, as both Garry and Conor McGregor were scheduled to fight on the same card. However, McGregor’s unexpected withdrawal has left Garry carrying the weight of Irish pride on his own.

Initial Reaction and Focus

In a recent interview, Garry shared his initial reaction to McGregor’s withdrawal.

– “I was on holiday, playing golf with no phone or connection to social media. When my team told me that Conor was out, it sucked. But I still have a job to do. I have to prove that I am the best fighter in the welterweight division and carry the flag for Ireland.”

Garry’s dedication to representing his country is clear. He emphasized that fighting alongside McGregor was a dream come true, a full-circle moment from his days as a schoolboy in Dublin, idolizing McGregor. Despite the setback, Garry remains focused and motivated to honor Ireland on the UFC’s biggest stage.

Training in Isolation

Garry’s preparation for UFC 303 has been intense and solitary. He isolated himself on an island in Brazil to focus on his training and priorities.

– “It’s about realigning my focuses and becoming the greatest martial artist I can be. I’ve been focusing on me, my team, my family, and giving them the time they deserve,” Garry explained. This level of dedication showcases his commitment to excellence and his desire to improve continuously.



Championship Mentality

This fight against Michael Page marks Garry’s first bout against someone lower in the rankings. Embracing a championship mentality, he is ready to fight anyone and everyone to prove his superiority. Garry’s technical preparation for Page’s unique fighting style has been meticulous. Page is known for his point-kickboxing skills and in-and-out motions, which Garry respects but feels confident in countering. Future Prospects in Welterweight Division

– “I’m adopting that championship mentality. I will fight anyone because I am the best, and I’m going to prove it. MVP is very talented at one specific skill set, but I’m better. He thinks this will be a two-minute fight, but I bet he throws three shots in two minutes. He knows how dangerous I am.”

Beyond this fight, Garry envisions a bright future in the welterweight division. He acknowledges the current champion, Leon Edwards, and sees potential in contenders like Shavkat Rakhmonov. However, Garry believes it will take a fighter of his caliber to truly challenge and dethrone Edwards. Garry’s journey is far from over. He is not rushing his ascent to the title but is methodically planning his path.

– “I see Leon still being the champ, but it’s going to take someone like me to bring him to the wire and take that belt. I have a six-fight plan, and when I’m ready, I will take a crack at that belt. I will get my crown and dominate this division.”



Carrying the Flag

In the face of McGregor’s absence, Garry’s resolve has only strengthened. He is determined to showcase the fighting spirit of Ireland and continue his rise in the UFC. As he prepares to step into the octagon at UFC 303, all eyes will be on Ian Machado Garry, the new face of Irish MMA.

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