Joilton Lutterbach
Joilton Lutterbach

UFC Fighter Admits to Doping Ahead of Debut

Joilton Lutterbach’s Doping Confession Shocks UFC Fans

Joilton Lutterbach’s Bold Confession

Former PFL fighter Joilton Lutterbach was set to make his highly anticipated UFC debut at UFC Saudi Arabia against rising star Sharabutdin Magomedov. However, just days before the fight, it was revealed that Lutterbach tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs, leading to his replacement by Antonio Trocoli.

An Unexpected Admission

Doping in MMA is not uncommon, but Lutterbach’s open admission on social media was unusual. He candidly acknowledged his mistake:

“Thank you for all the positive messages during this difficult time,” Lutterbach wrote on Instagram. “I doped three months ago, unaware I would be signed by the UFC. I could have hidden or gone to Thailand to avoid testing, but I chose to take the risk and believed I was clean and ready to fight.”

A Sincere Apology

Lutterbach’s contract with the UFC was signed three weeks ago, during which he felt secure about his status. However, his case will now be reviewed by the Combat Sport Anti-Doping agency, and he expects to face a suspension:

“I apologize to the UFC and my opponent Shara. I will be frozen for a few months but I will return soon.”



A New Matchup

With Lutterbach out, Sharabutdin Magomedov will now face Antonio Trocoli, a recent standout from Dana White’s Contender Series. Trocoli, who has made a name for himself in various leagues, brings a fresh challenge to Magomedov, who remains unbeaten in his career.

Background and Future

Lutterbach’s career has spanned multiple organizations, including Cage Warriors and KSW. His most recent victory was against Sweden’s Andreas “Bane” Gustafsson at Brave CF 70. Despite the setback, Lutterbach remains optimistic about his return to the octagon.


The UFC’s decision to replace Lutterbach with Trocoli highlights the organization’s strict anti-doping policies. As Lutterbach awaits his suspension, fans and fighters alike will watch closely to see how he rebounds from this controversy.

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