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Jake Paul to Fight Mike Perry in a Boxing Match

Mike Perry steps in to face Jake Paul after Tyson’s postponement

It’s official: Jake Paul will be stepping into the boxing ring against former UFC fighter and current bare-knuckle boxing star Mike Perry. The bout is set for July 20 in Tampa, Florida, marking Paul’s return to the ring in what promises to be an exciting clash.

Initial Plans Changed

Originally, Paul was scheduled to fight boxing legend Mike Tyson on the same date. However, the match was postponed to November 15 due to Tyson’s health issues. Eager to stay active, Paul quickly pivoted to Perry as his opponent, recognizing the challenge Perry presents and the experience it would provide ahead of his rescheduled fight with Tyson.

Paul’s Perspective

In a video on his YouTube channel, Paul expressed his enthusiasm for the upcoming fight against Perry:

“When Paul vs Tyson was rescheduled, I knew I still wanted to fight on July 20. Preparing for Tyson, there’s no better opponent than Mike Perry. He’s a KO artist and a madman in and out of the ring. This will be perfect experience for Tyson. Risky, but I love taking risks. Perry will try to finish me, but I’m Jake Paul and fear no man. I will win and give a preview of what’s coming against Tyson.”



Perry’s Bare-Knuckle Success

Mike Perry, known as the “King of Violence” in Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship (BKFC), has been undefeated since leaving the UFC in 2021. He has secured notable victories over fighters like Michael Page, Luke Rockhold, and Thiago Alves, cementing his reputation as a fierce competitor ? ?. This match against Paul will be Perry’s second professional boxing bout, having previously fought in 2015.


The Paul vs. Perry match is set to be an eight-round cruiserweight bout, bringing together Paul’s YouTube and boxing fame with Perry’s bare-knuckle ferocity. Fans are eagerly anticipating this clash, which promises to deliver plenty of action and drama in Tampa on July 20.

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