Carano Reveals Dana White’s Role in Derailing Rousey Superfight

"A Fight Fans Will Never See - Carano vs. Rousey"

Gina Carano Blames Dana White for Missing Rousey Match

MMA pioneer Gina Carano holds UFC president Dana White responsible for a highly anticipated match against Ronda Rousey never coming to fruition. Despite Carano’s significant impact on women’s MMA before UFC’s integration of female fighters in 2013, she asserts that missed opportunities and contractual obligations with Strikeforce hindered her return to the octagon.

Carano’s Early Influence and the Cyborg Clash

Starting her MMA career in 2006, Carano quickly became a figurehead for women in the sport. Her fight against Cris Cyborg in August 2009 for Strikeforce marked a milestone as the first major event headlined by two women. Despite an offer from Dana White and Lorenzo Fertitta to join UFC, Carano’s commitment to Strikeforce and her subsequent focus on acting delayed any potential transition.

A Comeback Thwarted by Premature Revelations

In 2014, feeling ready for a comeback, Carano reached out to Dana White with the hope of fighting Rousey, who was then at the peak of her career. However, Carano needed six months to prepare and requested White to maintain confidentiality about her potential return. White’s inability to keep the plan secret ultimately derailed the match, leaving fans to wonder what could have been.

Carano’s Victory Belief and Subsequent Career

Despite the match against Rousey never materializing, Carano believes she could have won. Her focus has since shifted to a successful acting career, although controversial comments led to her dismissal from the Star Wars series “The Mandalorian.”

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“Dana and Lorenzo Fertitta brought me into their office and basically said, ‘We want you to come over and become UFC’s first female fighter. I just couldn’t do it because I had my promises and my contract with Strikeforce.”

“I needed six months,” explained Carano. “First of all, the weight cut for me at that time was hard because all the women were competing in the 135 lbs category… I could go down to 145 but I had only gone down to 136 and 139 twice in my career, and it was like cutting off a leg for me.”


“I sat down with Dana and said, ‘I wish you had contacted me five years ago because I’ve been waiting for this chance. I just need a little time and I want you to keep quiet about it, Dana. Keep it really quiet because I don’t have a gym yet.”

“Dana, I love him now, he’s been great now, but Dana is Dana. He immediately started talking about it and it made my life very difficult to try to make (the fight against Rousey) happen.”

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