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Frankie Edgar Would ‘Love To See Ben Askren In The UFC’ Fighting Georges St-Pierre

Former UFC lightweight champion Frankie Edgar says he'd love to see Ben Askren in the UFC.

The groundswell for Ben Askren getting signed by the UFC continues to build and former UFC lightweight champion Frankie Edgar is the latest to say he’d like to see him fight in the promotion.

Last week, the @UFCONFOX twitter handle mysteriously teased the prospect of Askren joining the UFC with a tweeted that read:

“Would you like to see @Benaskren bring his talents to the @ufc in 2018?”

At the time of publication, the tweet has over 9,500 likes and over 2,600 retweets which according to Askren, makes it the “biggest post in the history” of the @UFCONFOX twitter handle.

Whilst the prospect of Askren joining the UFC remains relatively unlikely, Frankie Edgar was asked about whether he would like to see it happen on Adam Hunter’s MMA Roasted podcast this week. Suffice to say, “The Answer” didn’t take long to think about it and gave the idea big thumbs up.

“I would love to see Askren in the UFC,” Edgar said. “I think it’s a shame that he hasn’t been here. I think people, or at least Dana and the UFC brass don’t want to see him go out there and wrestle guys to death and whatnot, but he’s out there wrestling and finishing guys now. The dude doesn’t get hit and it’s pretty impressive. Yeah, that’s like the, ‘who would win out of GSP or him?’

“That’s something people have been talking about for a long time and he’s got the ability to make that fight very interesting because of his wrestling ability. Typically Georges is the guy with the wrestling ability, but I think Ben might have a hand in there.”

Will Askren ever make the walk to the Octagon? Stranger things have happened.

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