Former UFC Fighter Arrested by Police – for the Third Time in Six Months!

✔ Was fired from the UFC ✔ Accused of domestic violence and drug abuse

Former UFC fighter Luis Pena continues to run into problems with the law when he was arrested by police on Tuesday. This is the third time that The Ultimate Fighter participant has been arrested in less than six months.

According to the police in Florida, the 28-year-old is in custody on suspicion of two offenses, assault is one of them. TSN’s Aaron Bronsteter was the first to report on Pena’s new problems with the law.

It was in June that “Violent Bob Ross” Pena first ended up in the news for completely wrong reasons. He was then charged with robbery and assault. All the crimes were misdemeanour, which means that they have a lighter penalty value, such as fines.

In October, Pena was arrested again, this time on suspicion of minor assault and domestic violence. The police investigation is still ongoing and the crimes he is accused of are also of the lesser degree. Shortly after being re-arrested, the UFC chose to terminate his contract.

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Both the UFC and UFC chief Dana White commented on the situation then.

– The UFC is aware of the worrying allegations about the recently arrested Luis Pena. Mr Pena has been open about his problems with mental illness and substance abuse. The organization has on several previous occasions tried to help him receive professional treatment.

– This was a really bad case and we knew he had problems before that we tried to help him, White said. Yes, this was a pretty nasty case. I do not know if you read the police report, but this had to happen.

Pena got the opportunity to compete in the UFC after participating in The Ultimate Fighter 27 and then got a UFC contract. He competed eight times in the octagon and with the record of 5-3 before he was fired.

At the time of writing, Pena is in custody without the possibility of being able to get out by paying the bail.

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