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Francis Ngannou Opens Up About His Former Coach – Claims the Backstage Video Was a Plot by the UFC!

✔ Ignores former coach, as well as training partner Ciryl Gane - in viral video!

The UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou has long been in a heated dispute with his former coach Fernand Lopez. This is because Ngannou, according to Lopez, is “ungrateful” and never appreciated what his previous gym, MMA Factory, did for him back in France. Coach Lopez is currently training Ngannou’s rival Ciryl Gane, who is the interim UFC champion. The pair are booked for the big anticipated heavyweight clash at UFC 270 in January, 2022!

The dispute between Ngannou and Lopez culminated in a viral video that spread like wildfire on social media. Now the heavyweight champion chooses to explain the video – he believes that there is an underlying reason behind the attitude.

In the video, you can see how Gane is amazed by the behavior of his former training partner Francis. But in a new interview with Daniel Cormier, Ngannou explains that it was not Gane he tried to ignore – but his former coach Lopez.

“I did not want to say hello,” said Ngannou. It’s been a couple of years now and (Lopez criticizes me all the time). Sure, I want to be nice, but when I saw him (there) I got a few thoughts. I thought “OK, should I say hello?”. Then I thought, “I do not know, what if I say hello (and he suddenly thinks I said something completely different)”.

– I did not want to give him the opportunity (to say that I said something I did not say). So I would rather distance myself, Ngannou continued. It’s not like that (we are friends). He attacks me all the time. I can not do that.

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Francis Ngannou have no ill will against his future opponent and former teammate Gane – Thinks the backstage scene was a plot by the UFC

The heavyweight champion clarified that he has absolutely no grudge against his future opponent, the interim champion Gane. They were former training partners, and Ngannou understands why Gane seems confused in the video.

“I would also have been confused,” Ngannou said. If I had passed Gane, I would have said hello. If it had only been him, I would have said, “Hey, what’s up?”

– And if I had said hello to him without saying hello to Fernand [Lopez], it would also have caused problems. So it’s just a very confusing situation.

After explaining the situation, Ngannou also chose to make an accusation during his conversation with Cormier. The reigning champion Ngannou is convinced that the UFC has set the stage in order to get a reaction. This is how he explained the situation:

– A woman took us to our places, said Ngannou. And while she was guiding us, I (heard) someone talking to her on the radio. Then she turned around and we came back to (where Gane and Lopez stood). How can it be a coincidence…

– The guy was ready with his camera as soon as I came around the corner and zoomed in on me. As if it were a movie scene! He was waiting for me.

Check out the full interview below!

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