VIDEO: First Round KO Headkick with Broken Ankle

✔ The MMA fight ends with a sick finish and two injured fighters!

Anything can happen in the MMA cage and Dylan Kiskila got to experience that in his MMA debut this weekend!
During his first amateur bout, he took on Kai Duque in a featherweight fight at the MMA event Captains Fight Club 1 in Fargo, US. Both fighters kept an amazing fast pace from the start and looked for an early finish.

It would all end after just 30 seconds, but not in the way either fighter had hoped for! Kiskila landed a brutal head kick that sent Duque to the mat, something that made the referee quickly intervene and blow off the match. However, Kiskila did not get to enjoy his effort as he also fell to the mat shortly after the kick landed.

It turned out that Kiskila had a nasty leg fracture, something that the replay clearly showed. The commentators and the audience were confused at first.

– I have watched professional MMA for a decade or more and I have never seen anyone win a match with a head kick while breaking his own leg, said one of the commentators.

Since the referee intervened after the kick landed, Kiskila was named the winner via TKO, despite the fact that he had to leave the arena with a broken leg. See the sick ending below!


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